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Our History


The history of Dunnedentistry began when a group of dedicated dentists and medical professionals joined forces with a common goal - to provide outstanding dental care in the Czech Republic. It was in 2010 when the founders, sharing a common passion for quality and innovation, combined their experience and professionalism.

From the first day of our activity, we have set ourselves the task of creating a clinic where patients can feel comfortable and confident in receiving high-quality dental services. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment, technology and ongoing training for our doctors to provide cutting-edge and safe treatment.

Over the years, Dunnedentistry has become a recognized leader in Czech dentistry, attracting attention with its reputation for outstanding medical care. We are proud to have created a friendly and innovative environment where patients can rely on professional care and a personalized approach.

Today, Dunnedentistry continues to evolve and strive to new heights, providing its patients with advanced dental solutions combined with a caring and personalized approach. Our history is one of continuous improvement and striving for the best in the interests of our patients.

Our Team
Dr. Jana Novakova

Experienced surgeon with a deep understanding of dentistry. Dr. Yana specializes in surgical interventions and implantation, providing patients with not only professional treatment, but also support during the entire recovery process.

Dr. Martin Novák

An orthodontist who is passionate about his work and constantly develops his skills. Dr. Martin specializes in bite correction and teeth straightening, creating unique treatment plans for each patient.

Dr. Karolina Švobodova

Therapist with special attention to the aesthetics of the smile. Dr. Caroline provides a wide range of services, including teeth whitening and restorations. Her warm demeanor and commitment to excellence make her a sought-after physician.

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